The original long-play record SHE LEFT ME was released in November 2005

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The Mustang Ranch Band

01     She Left Me     02:21

02     Shade My Weary Eyes     03:22

03     Don't Invite Me To The Wedding     03:40

04     A Woman With A Problem     02:25

05     The Personal Touch     03:09

06     I Wonder If...     04:00

(Side Two)

07     All It Does Is Rain     04:39

08     I Prob'ly Woulda Left Me Too     02:57

09     Come Back To Me     03:10

10     Memory     03:24

11     Kick Ass     02:11

12     I'm Still Blue     02:54

Bonus Track

13.     Harder     02:18

All songs written by



Danny Antonelli - lead vocals; guitars; kazoo; harmonica

Douglas Patton - basses; guitars; lapsteel; backing vocals; percussion

Rolf Boscheinen - drums and percussion

Boris Sandmacher - banjo; dobro; lapsteel

Sander Linke - fiddle; mandolin

Torsten Kerting - electric guitar; backing vocals

Christoph Haertel - piano

Martin Leuzinger - accordion

Julia Pabst: backing vocals

Mustang Ranch was born in the summer of 2005 when Douglas Patton and Danny Antonelli,

two Americans living in Hamburg, decided to record the 12 songs

that Danny had written in 2 weeks after SHE left him...

They gathered a few local musicians together and got started.

The LP was finished a few months later

and the first live performance was in November of 2005

at the Live Music Club in Hamburg, Germany, for the release of the LP.

Soon after that, Caroline Lim joined the band as singer,

and a new bass player, Björn Lautenschlager, was also added.

This formation continued to play in Germany through 2006

mostly at the INDRA in Hamburg.


Caroline Lim - lead vocals

Danny Antonelli - vocals; guitar

Douglas Patton - guitars; lapsteel; backing vocals

Björn Lautenschlager - bass

Rolf Boscheinen - drums and percussion

Cover Art: Joel Fajnor